車の街トヨタでエンジニアになるべく機械工学を専攻していたが思い立って19歳で渡米。カリフォルニアにあるフレズノという田舎町で、英語と芸術の基礎を学び、さらなる創作技術の追求のためロサンゼルスの大学へ。 卒業後、絵コンテを製作する会社に 約10年間 ストーリーボードアーティストとして勤務しながら、様々な表現方法を学び、 それを自分個人の作品にも反映しながら商業面と芸術面の両側から絵を描き続ける。2013年秋に拠点を日本に移すと同時に独立。

Born and raised in Toyota, Japan, where everything revolves around the world-famous Toyota’s headquarters, Kazu Tabu studied to be a mechanical engineer until he decided to move to the U.S. at the age of 19. After graduating from CSU Northridge with Art degree, he worked as a storyboard artist which helped him develop basic illustrative skill for storytelling and learn painting techniques with different styles. In 2013, he moved back to Japan, longing to rediscover his root in his homeland. By illustrating the bottomless abyss of our dreams and realities, he explores the relationship we and our man-made world have with nature and the universe – physically and spiritually.

Contact: kazutabu @GMAIL